My class finished today by having a discussion with Jesse Miller (@mediatedreality) regarding online safety, privacy and professionalism.

We have discussed the guidelines and governmental acts that are in place to address these issues:

Jesse continued this discussion with a focus on “networked citizenship.”  He tried to elucidate further on considerations around digital identity, digital rights, digital literacy, social networking, networked spaces, and security of self.

While my use of open-education tools is currently non-existence, I must consider the frameworks and guidelines that are in place in Manitoba if I am to bring open-ed practices into my classrooms moving forward – I have an obligation to be fully informed before I institute any change.  With some digging, I have found some of the necessary resources I will need to familiarize myself with moving forward:

There is no specific mention in these documents of cloud computing considerations, so I will lean on BC’s guide for further thought until Manitoba releases something further (or I find it is more of my future searching).

This evolving information list doesn’t even include policies that may be in place in my school division.  Clearly the journey to fully comprehending the scope and consequences of open-ed considerations is just starting.

Things for me to consider moving forward:

  • Who owns the content and data my class creates and where is it stored?
  • Will the data be shared or communicated, and how?
  • How can I maintain privacy, what stakeholders must be involved, and what limitations do I need to consider?

An additional article with points to ponders – How to Protect Our Kid’s Data and Privacy


PHOTO:  Of me…by me.  Used with my permission.