Whelp! After two days of intense instruction I am ready to start blogging….or is it posting?  It doesn’t really matter the specifics – I’ll learn – what is important is that I get one behind me and look forward.  Like undertaking any new activity, some rough patches are expected and as I heard someone say once “They can’t all be winners.”

I find myself in a predictable position – for me – having a thousand thoughts and interests, all of which appear “ground breaking” in terms of shaking up my pedagogical practice, and none of which come together fluidly.  And while I was never one for a metaphor, a chef salad seemed to resonate with me here.

(editor’s note: a chef salad in my memory is a mix of whatever veggies and sandwich meat needed to be used up from the weeks lunches, roughly thrown over a bed of wilting iceberg lettuce, topped with ranch dressing, and usually served on a night mom and dad seemed particularly tired).

So, rather than create one longer post – chef salad style – incorporating all the thoughts that have been wilting in my mind waiting to be explored, I have decided to create a series of smaller posts, each addressing one current thought, reflection or investigation that is ready to burst from my mind.

Bon Appétit,

The Prairie Teacher

PHOTO: “amanda’s really good salad” by 46137 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0